Bed Bugs Electric Heat Treatments
in Hilton Head - Beaufort

We provide Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Heat Treatments in the Hilton Head Area. This is all electric equipment engineered to eliminate bed bugs using high temperatures. We heat the inside of the living area to 130 - 135 degrees. We also use fans to help distribute the heat evenly and force it into high risk areas.
No Propane - No Flame
It is common for a treatment to take 5-6 hours.
We have completed thousands of these treatments successfully spanning a 12 year period in  GA. and SC. Give us a call and we will do an evaluation and then can give you a fair and reasonable estimate.  912-433-3671

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in One Day !

Keep Them From Spreading

With Thermal Remediation you can be rid of bed bugs in one treatment - process. Treatment takes normally 5-6 hours but can vary. Our equipment is engineered for bed b ug elimination.
Bed Bugs spread throughout a structure by attaching to clothes or furniture and hitching a ride. By discovering them quickly you can stop them from spreading with a Thermal Heat Treatment.